Cake Equity

Leading a global startup community who want its equity to be better, Cake are converting equity from a complex and illiquid paper asset to a simpler, more liquid real-world asset. Cakes mission is to help startups raise more often, hire better teams with their equity, and drive an increase in innovation.

Kim Hansen - Co-founder and CEO

“Cake Equity are thrilled to have FB10x supporting us as we develop the world’s most advanced global equity standard, capturing market share globally and adding additional value for existing customers moving into later stages of maturity".

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Butter Insurance

On-demand, personalised single-item product insurance for young people who don’t have a need for a full home and contents insurance policy. A flexible way for people to insure only the items they really care about. A customer experience that is simple, smooth and (dare we say) delicious: like butter!

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Dennisson Technologies

VR Force-Feedback Haptic Gloves allowing the user to feel actual resistive forces as they interact with virtual objects, the key to full engagement and high efficiency learning.

Anvil Serg Benez - Co-founder and CEO

"We are grateful to have such an experienced, and supportive syndicate as part of Dennisson's journey! Our success is possible through the unyielding support of our investors/mentors, and FB10x is all in."

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Smiley Scope

World leading pain and anxiety digital therapeutics, patented technology alleviating the fear of medical procedures through virtual reality.

Dr Evelyn Chan - CEO

The FB10x syndicate are smart, energetic and dedicated professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds. They can quickly dig into business challenges and cross-industry learnings to provide relevant, hands-on advice and fantastic networks. We’re delighted to have FB10x’s support from very early in Smileyscope’s journey, and to be working with them as trusted investors as we grow.

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A novel indigenous Australian biotech startup combining traditional knowledge systems and modern electrokinetics for the future of food. Working with Australian Aboriginal elders of the Maiawali people, Rainstick™ observes a thousand year old tradition of using lightning to support the mycelial network in the soil. Rainstick™ provides an indoor and outdoor acceleration to nutrient dense protein production at a price developing nations can afford. As nations like China and Japan start looking at electroculture as a viable farming method, Rainstick™ stands out for the novel use of wireless power transfer, machine learning assisted growing and a commercially scalable offering.

Darryl Lyons - Co-founder and Chief Rainmaker

“We are humbled and excited to have the depth of knowledge and experience of the FB10X crew on board. To have their belief and backing at the very start is hugely motivating and validating. I cannot recommend this syndicate enough to any early stage venture needing experience, empathy and support early on as you embark on your life's work!".

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The OneTwo

The OneTwo is an Australian technology brand on its way to becoming the world’s leading online destination for lingerie and a global model of better business. The OneTwo create innovative products and technology to deliver a category beating, hyper-personal experience. The OneTwo will do for lingerie what Aesop did to soap - transform an everyday ritual.

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Alt. Leather

100% biobased leather alternative turning waste and regenerative plants into a world class material for application across fashion, footwear, furniture, automotive and more. Zero petroleum plastic. Zero animals. Ethically made in Australia.

Tina Funder – Founder and CEO

“We’re excited to work with the FB10x team to bring Alt. Leather to the world. We are grateful to have the support of such a highly accomplished team of professionals and look forward to tapping into their breadth of experience for advice moving forward.”

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